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Matrimonial Surveillance – Investigating Your Other Half

Do you suspect your partner or spouse is having an affair? If so, you need all the facts at your disposal. Knowledge is power, and our matrimonial surveillance experts can establish what's really going on. The information and evidence we provide can support divorce proceedings, be used to end the relationship satisfactorily, or help you take steps to mend it.

Why you need help with spouse surveillance

When a relationship or marriage gets in trouble, it's all about emotions. You might be too emotionally involved, too personally invested in the situation, and so it's often very hard to see the wood for the trees. You will need someone independent, someone who isn't emotionally involved, to dig out the truth for you.

You might have noticed a change in your husband's or wife's daily routine: they might be working late more often or staying out longer, they may have changed their computer passwords and blocked you from accessing their machine, they might be hiding bank statements and text messages from you. If your partner is being nicer – or indeed nastier – than usual, it can be a sign there's someone or something going on. If you've noticed a lack of interest in you, your lives, your kids and everything else it can indicate something is going badly wrong.

Our matrimonial and cheating partner surveillance will give you answers, and we do it all so discreetly and covertly that your partner won't know a thing about it.

What does surveillance of your partner involve?

Marriage surveillance takes many forms, usually a combination of actions including:

• Mobile Phone Forensics
• Computer Forensics and Computer Monitoring
• Vehicle Tracking
• Personal Surveillance
• Online Research

Our operatives will follow your other half discreetly, making a note of everyone they meet and everything they do. They're well trained in various methods for gathering and producing evidence, through surveillance photographs and video recordings. We will keep detailed surveillance logs throughout the process, which we will ultimately hand to you, along with our report and any photographic or video evidence you want to give to your solicitor. Everything gathered is collected legally and is admissible in a Court of Law.

If your partner is attempting to hide money, property or other assets before filing for divorce, our status and asset reporting experts know exactly how to trace their genuine worth and make sure you get a fair deal.

Why use us for marriage surveillance?

We provide discreet professional services to individuals and their solicitors to prove infidelity. Because we're registered under the Data Protection Act and GDPR, you will have the confidence that your personal information will be stored in a safe and secure environment, which will never be revealed to anyone else. We operate across the UK and have all the state-of-the-art technical equipment required to effectively capture the evidence you're looking for.

Let's make a partner surveillance plan

Do you need our help to find out whether your spouse or partner is being unfaithful? Our discreet service will give you the facts you need quickly and efficiently, so you can start to heal your life.

Commercial Investigations – When Knowledge is Power

No two commercial investigations are the same. They might involve researching and scrutinising your own people and outsiders, or making painstaking enquires into your business processes and procedures. There's far more to company theft than you might be aware of. It includes all the obvious crimes, but can also involve any or all of the following:

• Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights
• Embezzlement and Money Laundering
• Illegal Activities of all Sorts
• Regulatory and Data Theft plus Data Breaches
• Financial Misconduct and Vendor Fraud
• Accounting Irregularities
• Harassment and Bullying
• Corruption
• Libel, Discrimination and Defamation
• Misappropriation and Lost Inventory

Why you need help with commercial investigation

The best covert investigators have exceptional confidence and expertise. They react well under pressure, are quick-thinking, make decisions rapidly and – possibly most important of all – have rock steady nerves.

Once the evidence gathering phase has been completed, the evidence has to be presented in exactly the right way so that it is fit for the police to use and admissible in court. It must deliver the right level of detail and proof, constructed to withstand the accused party's defence. Devising, implementing and carrying out an investigation requires multifaceted skills and specialised knowledge.

What does commerce investigation involve?

Every investigation is different. We never try to force a standard investigation onto anyone. We tailor every project to the specific needs of the client. But most investigations involve a handful of essential activities including:

• Evaluate the situation thoroughly from every angle to find out exactly what we're dealing with. Is a full or part investigation required? Is there sufficient information to start an investigation and, if not, what needs to happen next?
• Carry out meticulous background checks into the people or companies involved to search for evidence of corruption or fraud
• Formulate a plan of action, determining all the evidence that needs to be collected and establishing a contingency plan in case things change
• Interview external witnesses and organisations to get the detailed, specific information needed for the next stage
• Refine the investigation parameters based on the information gathered, client meetings, their objectives and goals
• Provide a through and comprehensive report detailing the work carried out, findings, conclusions and recommendations for the future

Why use us for commercial investigating?

We have many years' experience in investigating commercial operations and we know the type and style of evidence the police and courts need. As outsiders, it's much easier for our agents to stay calm and focused. Because your case has our sole attention, we have the time and energy necessary to conclude a thorough, professional job.

How to make a start

You believe someone in or connected with your organisation is acting suspiciously. You're concerned there's illegal or fraudulent activity but you have no proof. To put a stop to it calmly and effectively you'll need professional help, specifically our help. We are always available on the phone. if you'd like to have a chat about your problem or ask our professional advice, our experts will be delighted to help.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Hire – The Best Trackers plus Exceptional Service

There are many reasons why you might want to monitor the movement of a vehicle or a fleet, including identifying time-wasting employees, or checking on a suspected cheating partner. When you track a high value car, motorbike or specialist bicycle and it gets stolen, you can give the police and insurance company the vehicle's tracking documentation, a vital aid to investigation, discovery and recovery.

GPS vehicle tracking devices are used by commercial businesses and haulage companies to help plan their delivery routes more efficiently, improve their services and help fleet transport managers assess ways to economise on fuel. Having trackers fitted on vehicles can be even more beneficial if your business has problems like stolen plant hire equipment and stock.

Why it makes sense to hire GPS vehicle tracking equipment

If it's a one-off investigation you might not need to actually buy expensive equipment of your own. It might make a lot more sense to hire it from people who know which equipment to use depending on your circumstances.

If you require a longer-term investigation or want to use GPS tracking on a fleet of vehicles, our tracking team will recommend the best tracker solution for you and, if you wish, install it in the right places. Thanks to our extensive expertise and knowledge, we can also collect and analyse the data on your behalf, provide detailed reports and even assist you with technical data analysis.

Our premium package guarantees peace of mind. You don't have to worry if a tracker stops working. We'll get it replaced and have the system up and running again in no time.

What does a covert vehicle tracker do?

Maybe you run a fleet of trucks and need to find out the time, distance and which roads the driver has been on. You might want to track down a stolen vehicle or protect your loved ones by knowing their whereabouts. Whatever your requirements, a modern magnetic vehicle tracker is the ideal information gathering tool.

Today's GPS-enabled tracking systems feature sophisticated technology plus advanced mapping and reporting software. They deliver accurate results about vehicle location, direction, start and stopping downtime, and travelling speed. Extra features include automatic refresh, live tracking from a mobile phone, and simple yet detailed activity reports.

Trackers are most commonly used for: the following:

• Stolen Vehicle Recovery
• Business Asset Tracking
• Personal Surveillance
• Assisting Police Investigations

Why use our vehicle tracking hire service?

A wide variety of people and organisations hire GPS vehicle trackers from us. Fleet operators choose us for management purposes, namely fleet tracking, routing, dispatching, on-board information and security - either covert or overt.

Our devices are equally important, widely used by private investigators as a key tool of their trade. If you want to ensure the right equipment for the job plus the highest level of professional support throughout, look no further – our GPS vehicle tracking hire ticks all your boxes.

Hire a GPS tracker now

Contact us now and we'll have you on the road in no time, gathering the exact information you need. You'll enjoy cutting-edge devices, state-of -the-art technology that has been properly fitted, topped-off with the best quality after-hire support around.

TSCM - Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures

What is TSCM, Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures? It's a term coined by the US government – an abbreviation that describes the process of bug sweeping or electronic counter surveillance. Using sophisticated specialist equipment, a variety of technical surveillance service processes help to identify technical security weaknesses in and around the premises concerned through visual, electronic and physical examinations.

Why you need help with TSCM surveying

Modern multimedia devices, remote control technology and the internet mean every business that collects, uses, relies on or holds data faces the threat of cyber theft. Even in super-secure environments, threats have become a reality, often thanks to poor security and unhappy employees.

We provide TSCM surveys designed to detect devices like bugs that might be listening in on you and your activities. Other relevant services include communications security, information technology security and physical security services.

It's common knowledge that electronic eavesdropping devices, security hazards and weaknesses can easily ruin a successful business and destroy its reputation. Our TSCM surveys help mitigate the risks.

The evidence we gather is prepared and presented so it's admissible in court. This means you have the best chance of achieving justice. If an effective internal enquiry is the desired outcome, the evidence we collect is perfect for that purpose, too.

What does TSCM involve?

Bugs record and transmit information as data, video or voice content. Our engineers use a radio frequency receiver to trace concealed bugs. For a frequency receiver to work properly it requires precise control by a professional technician who has plenty of radio frequency experience. The most expensive and advanced bugs include burst transmission and spread spectrum technology, both of which make them very hard – often impossible - for amateurs to detect.

When we're sweeping a permanent office, we do so during working hours to detect any devices that can be remotely switched off outside office hours. This stops them slipping through the net. Some devices that record sound do not emit any radio waves, so are particularly difficult to detect unless you know exactly what you're doing. You need to know exactly how to use the exceptionally sensitive equipment used to locate and pinpoint tiny differences in magnetic fields and electronic noise.

Sometimes we use extremely responsive thermal cameras to detect the residual heat from a concealed bug or its power supply. By detecting changes in electromagnetism, using a combination of techniques, together with resonance sweeps, we can often locate dead bugs, ones that used to work but have stopped emitting radio waves. If these procedures fail and you want us to continue, we'll carry out an extra-deep, detailed physical search in the area of greatest concern.

We use a wide variety of tech to achieve all this, including:

• Broadband receivers to detect radio transmissions nearby
• A non-linear junction detector (NLJD) to identify bug components
• A frequency scanner with several different antennae
• Video scopes to examine inaccessible spaces
• A portable x-ray to check inside objects and hidden spaces
• Multimeters to measure power supplies
• An oscilloscope to provide a visual image of any signals
• A spectrum analyser and vector signal analyser to look deeper into suspicious radio frequency signals
• Thermal imaging technology that reveals hotspots, e.g. those given off by hidden electronic components
• A time-domain reflectometer to test the integrity of communication cabling

Why use us to sweep for bugs?

An ordinary person could easily stare at an actual bug for an hour and not realise what they are looking at. That's because the people or agents who place the bugs are often very resourceful – it's their job to try to outwit and outsmart their target, and make sure the devices they install remain secretly hidden and undetected.

We've been in this industry long enough to have seen all the tricks of the trade, and the clever hiding places these agents use. That's why our bug sweeping service is so in demand – there's no way you'd be able to achieve a clean sweep on your own, without professional help.

Let's get an operative into your place

Do you believe that you have been targeted and have microphones listening in on your discussions? We realise you'll want to know for certain who put the bug or bugs there, why, how and when.

If you make the mistake of creating a big fuss about the situation, you'll only give those concerned the time and opportunity they need to hide their actions, remove their bugs or make themselves scarce.

If you suspect your premises have been bugged, don't delay your fight back. Pick up the phone now and give us a call – we'd be delighted to step in and discreetly de-bug you.

CCTV – Keeping a Close Eye on People and Property

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) signals are not publicly distributed. They're monitored in a closed system, usually for surveillance, personal investigations or security. CCTV can literally keep an eye on people, premises and stock.

You might be a local corner-shop owner trying to multi-task between stocking shelves, watching for shoplifting and serving customers. A company confirming key card access with an added visual ID record of personnel and visitors accessing their premises. Or someone simply wanting to have cameras recording when no-one is about. The thing is, truly useful footage demands cameras are placed strategically to capture the widest views, and you also need someone to regularly monitor the footage.

Why you need CCTV

CCTV cameras are mainly used to protect public areas, homes, community spaces and business premises. The images taken are admissible in a court of law and can be used as case evidence. If your reason for installing the equipment is to record criminal activity or to confront a person about their actions, your cameras must be set up correctly.

It takes expertise and experience to make sure there are enough cameras to cover an area without gaps and blind spots. Engineers need excellent product knowledge to be certain of getting the close-up definition and clarity needed to make distinguishing features like scars, tattoos, traits and behaviour clearly visible. And they have to be fitted in a place they can't easily be taken down or be damaged.

Getting the positioning wrong means you might fail to get any decent footage at all. In a worst case scenario you might end up without the irrefutable evidence you need, a case that's easy for a defence team to demolish.

About modern CCTV systems

Original CCTV systems were black and white, and non-interactive. These days they're far more sophisticated, in full colour with high-resolution displays that deliver crystal clear images. The software is just as advanced. You can zoom in and out to track a specific object, item or person, and listen in on conversations taking place within range of the sensor microphone. Today's higher-spec, higher-priced systems can record what people are saying and even let the operator talk to people within range.

What does a CCTV system involve?

The move from traditional analogue surveillance technology to digital surveillance has given our security professionals access to a much wider range of systems and equipment than ever before, all designed to keep premises, staff and stock secure. IP cameras now create digital video data that can be carried via Wi-Fi or through network cabling - all of which requires specialist expertise to correctly install.

The enormous processing power provided by today's computer analytics platforms means that the latest CCTV software can perform real-time event detection and post-event analysis. Our experts can help you put in place a system that can count people, map heat signatures, recognise faces, track suspects or detect patterns/trends - all without constant human monitoring.

Many of our clients install our equipment, using free CCTV recording software like Milestone or ACTi at first. It's a great way to familiarise yourself with the basic functions. You can always add useful extras like multi-feed monitoring or remote monitoring via a smartphone.

Every CCTV system has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, and its own suite of features. Our experts will help you evaluate a selection of the latest technology, help you eliminate the least suitable ones and pin down the one that best meets your needs.

Why partner with us

We know everything there is to know about traditional and contemporary CCTV systems, from the simplest to the most complex and multi-functional. We set them up, maintain them and can even check the footage and analyse the data for you.

Let's see how CCTV can help you do business better

If you are considering or want to fit a CCTV system at your premises, we'll help you make the best choice for your circumstances, set it up correctly and ensure it will have the ability to gather the information you want to collect. So, let's talk.


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